We are thrilled to share the news that the Pasilan Konepaja Train Factory in Helsinki, has been prominently featured in the 05/2023 edition of the Finnish Architectural Review ARK – also making it to the front cover of this prestigious publication.

This recognition is a testament to the innovative and impactful work carried out by the design team on this Finnish architectural landmark designed by Bruno Granholm and completed in 1901. The multi-office design team under the lead of AD-Studio working in close collaboration with Laitila Arkkitehdit and Saatsi Arkkitehdit is still a project that is very much “work in progress”.

The project when completed will represents a harmonious blend of creativity, functionality, and sustainable design – all whilst being respectful to our architectural historical heritage. The feature in ARK highlights the thoughtful integration of modern functions into the historical fabric of the building and context of the site. The collaboration between AD-Studio, Laitila Arkkitehdit and Saatsi Arkkitehdit has played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life, showcasing a seamless synergy that has enriched the project's depth and character.

Having started our work on this project in 2018 we are far from finished – and look forward to completing the next challenges – within this unique architectural monument. The recognition of our joint effort in ARK is a proud moment for all those involved, marking the success of a collective effort to contribute meaningfully to the architectural landscape of Helsinki.

Links to the digital edition of the ARK magazine:

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