Akoya Springs



Community Building as the Key Goal

Recognising their international leisure destination expertise, the combined team of AD-Studio and AHR developed the masterplan for a new golf centered community in Dubai, in the Arab Emirates.

The site is located near the Jumeirah coastal belt in southwest Dubai in the direction of the Abu Dhabi border and was a continuation of the Client’s first project – allowing all the lessons learnt from the first stage (both commercial and technical) to be introduced into this one.

Heart of Golf

Golf is at the heart of the project, with an 18 hole, 7,000 yard course being the centrepiece. Working with an international celebrity golf designer, a layout was created that optimised the total land occupied by the golf course with the length of golf frontage that could be used for exclusive private residences.  One very exclusive estate was totally surrounded by the golf course and could only be accessed by tunnel. The extensive water features of the golf course linked outwards into the wider masterplan to generate water frontage properties – that helped maximise the value of the properties – whilst at the same time generating the unique feel that such developments create in hot arid climates.

Golfing Lifestyle

The residential house component of the masterplan occupies a majority of the land plot and surrounds the golf course, it is divided into distinctive communities each one with a characteristic modern architectural style.

The apartment component of the brief is composed of high-rise, high-density tower clusters and mid-rise residential buildings framing a generous public park.  The retail mall, souk and resort hotel complex creates it’s own destination and is targeting local users as well as those travelling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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