Łużycka Office Park



A New Office Destination

The office park is located on two brownfield sites and provides over 30,000 sqm of rentable office area in 5 separate buildings.  Located in a well communicated part of town, not far from the city centre, the project was the first new development in the area. It has since become the benchmark for the projects that followed – as part of the overall regeneration of this former industrial zone into a modern business centre. It is tenanted by international companies that have relocated their internal administrative functions to Poland – as well as Polish companies seeking to provide their staff with high quality working environments.

A Contextual Site Response

The development concept is based on a direct response to the site topography. At the rear of the site is a raised railway embankment – for what is now one of the fast rail links between Gdańsk, Gdynia and the airport. Using this to our advantage and not wanting to have office space directly facing the embankment, we proposed a landscaped ground floor volume that would contain ground level parking. Projecting forward from this is at ground level are the office entrance lobbies and service / retail tenant units. Above the ground level volumes, stand 4 simple blocks of the office buildings.  A fifth office building stands on the front edge of the site, acting as a ‘marker’, giving the office park better visibility when approaching it. In addition to the embankment parking, the office park has one level of basement for tenant parking throughout.

Sustainability at it’s Heart

The office facades of the building have full height glazed openings between stone cladding panels.  The proportion of glass to stone changes on each facade of the building depending on its sun exposure.  Narrower glazed openings facing south – wider glazed openings facing north. This was designed in as part of the over sustainability strategy for the buildings – as well as is for comfort reasons – to reduce the solar heat gain in the summer months and consequently reduce the demand on the buildings’ mechanical HVAC systems.

The 5th building of the Łużycka Office Park has following it’s sale been signed up to the “EU Green Building Programme” by the new owners – and having won this status was the fifth building in Poland to meet this high European criteria of energy effectiveness.

This project has been nominated and won numerous local and national real estate awards including the Eurobuild Office of the Year award and International Property Awards Europe in the category of Office Development Poland.

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