Park Inn Yerevan



Raw Structure into a Branded Hotel

This challenging project involved taking a project that was already on site and converting it to a branded hotel – with the intent to engage the Radisson Hotel Group to operate under the Park Inn brand. This involved considerable base build interventions as well as the preparation of the complete interior design for the project. It is in a prestigious location in the heart of Yerevan – right next to the Republic Square and when we were asked to become involved the basement levels were already built. Park Inn is a full-service midscale brand and its commercial success is based on its highly efficient design and operational ease. The host building had neither of these.

Challenging the Basebuild Fabric

Our goal was to rationalize the hotel standard as far as we can within the constraints of the existing structure – which given the seismic conditions of Yerevan could not be modified. The foundations and basements had already been built which had essentially frozen all column positions and the primary core position. The typical floor plate had a central atrium through the middle and a vast number of columns and shear walls in very awkward locations.  The four sides of the building did lend themselves to the typical hotel room grid – however the four corners did not. A number of localized structural modifications needed to be made to make the corners even usable – as without these areas as guestrooms we wouldn’t hit the required room count. Working in a highly seismic zone meant that structural changes need to be recalculated and approved – and in many variants were simply not possible. After several iterations with the structural engineering team – a satisfactory typical floor solution was found that allowed us to achieve the desired room count. Only once we had certainty on the guestroom levels, could we start planning the back of house and resolving all the front of house spaces which would occupy the ground and first floor – as well as the first basement level.

Adding Value – Reinventing New Life in the Volumes

The host building had a central atrium however it was monumental and other than bringing light wasn’t adding any real value. We decided the atrium needed to be more than just a light well, it needed to be a space you could inhabit and enjoy – and bring real value and contribute to the experience.  Our first intervention was to add a new panoramic guest lift, then we added triangular breakout spaces in the corners of the atrium to break the rigid rectangular form. The breakout spaces jumped from corner to corner as you went up the building. This provided real purpose and life to the atrium.  We topped it off with a glazed skylight, mimicking the open a concept we’d seen in our research on Armenian traditional architecture. 

The atrium brings daylight right down to the ground level where the reception, waiting area and guest restaurant are located.  A conference facility would be located on the first floor with a new feature stair provided for easy access. Additional guest facilities and all the back of house spaces are located in the existing basement – which had to be adapted to match the servicing route requirements – and to ensure compliance with the key technical standards of the brand.

Armenian Inspiration – Mixing History with Modernity

For the interior design we sought to combine modernity and tradition – proposing a mix of international and local flavour. The atrium provided a fantastic opportunity to make the big gesture. The skylight and the staggered break out spaces in the atrium replicated the historical stonework effect found in the ancient structures – whilst back lit balustrades with laser cut Armenian motifs added the modern touch. It was simple but very effective over so many levels.

Working within the Radisson Hotel Group brand standards for the Park Inn established the general feel of the public areas and guestrooms – however there was sufficiently flexibility within the standards to bring in strong regional accents. To further build on this concept – and following research on the work a number of local modern artists we were able to introduce further subtle Armenian references in a respectful way that makes the project unique – and once completed will for sure become a memorable destination.

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